Different ferry’s going from and to Ometepe

Going to or from Ometepe can be done from different places by ferry or airplane.

Getting to Ometepe island is done by ferry or ( since 2015 ) per flight!  If you choose the ferry you can ( in some cases ) take your car with you. By motorboat only passengers. There are now 3 different places on Ometepe where the different ferries are docking: Moyogalpa, San Jose del Sur, or ( back again ) Puerta de Gracia ( Altagracia ). The airstrip on Ometepe is just outside Mojogalpa.

2         from San Jorge ( Rivas )  (ferry or motorboat)

Ferry Ometepe
Ferry Ometepe

By Car> Take the Pan-American Highway south to the city of Rivas traffic circle (Rivas is 114 km from Managua, and takes about two hours by car). At the traffic circle, turn left ( coming from the direction of Managua ) toward the port of San Jorge (about a five-minute drive from the traffic circle). Decide if you want to go to the port of Moyogalpa or the port of San Jose del Sur ( we recommend San Jose del Sur , this is closer to the hostel La Penita ) Ferries and motorboats leave approximately every hour for Moyogalpa or San Jose del Sur , and the trip takes about an hour. The time from Moyogalpa is approximately 1 hour. The time from San Jose Del Sure is approximately 30 minutes, you can take a bus or taxi to the hostel.


1          from Granada (ferry or motorboat)

Motorboat or "lanchas"
Motorboat or “lancshas”

There is ( again ) a ferry going to Ometepe from Granada and back! Unfortunately for now we don’t have a schedule for that.



Ferry schedule Ometepe

Updated from 16-12-21                        Updated from 16-12-21              Updated from 16-12-21            Updated from 16-12-21

Here you  find the departure and arrival times for the ferry service from San Jorge to Ometepe and back ferry services :














Need to know more? For example where to stay? See hostel Ometepe for more information. Or please call or e-mail us. We’re at your service!

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