On this page, we tell you all there is to know about the Hostel rooms/meals




The Family hostel exists of only 4 rooms in total, which can be arranged in different settings for your needs. Depending on your needs, we can accommodate a maximum of 14-16 or maybe 18 people. All the rooms are integrated into our house and all have one private entrance. Upon arrival, you will receive a key to your private room  (we will NEVER come into the room during your stay) All rooms include bed linen, pillows, and towels as much as the occupation of the room. We always offer to clean your room after more than 3 nights’ stay, as well as new linen and towels (all included in the room price). 



2 person private room
1 person room

The rooms are basic: a locker, mirror, AC 110Volt power connection close to the bed ( for every bed )

, fan, double bed with linen, towel, and a quality lock on the door. The floor is tiled. 

A small mirror and locker as also a wooden shelf, 1 table, and a chair. Every room has its one entrance.







Group/Family room 1


The group/family room is a private room, just like all the other rooms we have.

It’s a big room that we can configure with different settings of beds.

If you come with your family of 5 or with a group of max 9 persons, this is the room you want to go for.

There are several 110 Volt power connections, a fan per bed, a small table with a chair, and 2 lockers inside.

As well as two small mirrors. All bed’s come with linen and a towel for the shower.






Mama Rosario cooks the best Nicaraguan meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner) for all our guests!
This consists of LOCAL, VEGETARIAN or even VEGGIE meals !!

We serve you full meals existing of the most common ingredients and meals that everybody in Nicaragua eats. This can vary from meal soup to mixed beans, and rice (the famous gallopinto ). Tostones (baked bananas),  chicken, pork, or cow, and depending on what the market offers us that day! On request, we can make specific meals.

“Our hostel rooms/meals are the best there is to find on the island Ometepe !!”

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