Here we will inform you of the newest festivals and parties. You go for more local culture, then look at the agenda for the best time in the year to visit our island.

In line with the latest news and agenda, we ourselves organize every week a different theme party in the bar of the hostel La Penita.

Every month you can experience the following theme party at our hostel. ( starting in 2023 )

  • salsa ( Salsa-dura/Cuban/LA, Merengue, Bachata )
  • Nicaraguan folklore ( Cumbia, Marimba, folklore …..  )
  • Dutch dance ( techno, house, EDM, trance )
  • Nica mix (Dance, Cumbia, Folklore, Salsa, …………  )

Further, we will inform you when there are special events that take place on our island Ometepe.


Agenda for FESTIVALS / FIESTA’S  on the island Ometepe :

  • Fiestas Patronales ( 11 – 18 November ) In and around Altagracia
  • Baile de Los Zompoposhe ( 17th November ) ( Dance of the Leaf Cutter Ants) In Altagracia
  • Patron’s Saint Festival ( 23 to 26 July ) ( featuring Baile de las Indias ) In Moyogalpa
  • Maria Procession’s November ( procession’s in different villages ) Altagracia and Balgue surroundings