Big ferry "brakzand"
Big ferry “Brakzand”

Ready to come over and stay a night or two. Have a drink or a homemade Ometepe family meal? Phone or mail us in advance, and we can make your place ready to stay. We can arrange a private pick-up service from the ferry. As soon as you come out of the Ometepe ferry, there are two options: go with the public transport (the famous chicken bus or variation of that) or take a taxi (TAXI is expansive on the island). Make sure the bus goes in the direction of Altagracia. Tell the bus-or taxi driver to stop at “La Penita” and they know where to go! Check-in time and check-out time are flexible with us, there is always somebody from the family at home in our hostel.



Taxis are hard to get and expensive. Buses go to Altagracia from the port of Moyogalpa as well as from the port of San Jose Del Sure. We can arrange private transport from the airport if necessary.